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Week 5 Collaboration With ByHarrison

Part 2: Save The World – Our People

Talk to us about escaping the 9-5, how have you done it?

It’s so funny to me. There are so many people in this world who couldn’t even fathom the idea of leaving the 9-5. It’s what’s been drummed into them their entire life and I used to be one of them. Years ago, the idea of not having a 9-5 job was the most scary, foreign idea to me. But it’s not until you’ve done it, that it becomes so normal.

It was 1st September 2018. That was my very first day of unemployment in over 5 years. I quit my job as a bank manager, I had a flight to New Zealand booked and I was waiting for my life to change in the biggest way possible. I came to New Zealand in discovery of myself. I wanted to quit the 9-5, I wanted to travel the world, I wanted to experience different cultures and environments and to see if I could actually make it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still employed. I work in a restaurant, I work for myself on my blog & photography but I feel I now have a good balance. I work in the restaurant about 50-60 hours a week.. but those hours are spread between the afternoons and evenings with the occasional all day shift. By working later on at night, means I get to work on my blog and photography during the day. My passion & my hobby has taken over when it comes to my life. Content creation is all I think about. So yes, although I would say I’ve escaped the 9-5, I would very much say that’s been replaced with the 24/7. My brain very rarely switches off but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How I did it? Just make the jump. Follow your heart, follow your passion and trust your instinct. You’ll make it happen.

In a world of work & negativity, how do you live the life you love?

Do your own thing unapologetically. If leaving the 9-5 and going freelance is what you want to do, then do it. If travelling the world is what you want to do, do it. Just do you, unapologetically. We’ve grown up in a world where it’s hammered into us that work is all you have to do. Get a full time, highly paid job, buy a house, have a family… that’s the path that’s been laid out for us and we’re just meant to walk it. Why? Why should we live a life someone else has planned out for us. I truely believe we’re at this crossroads in life where people are doing more of what they love. Freelancers are thriving more and more. Travelling creators are succeeding massively and people are living for the love, rather than the money. What’s that saying? “Work to live, not live to work”. We have one life, why should we spend it working our arses off, stressing over money and not actually experiencing everything we want to.

For me, If there is something I want to do, I just do it. No matter how scary it might be, no matter how wrong things could go, If I want to do it, I’m going to do everything I can to achieve it. Throw back to just a few years ago, the idea of moving to a different country absolutely scared the daylights out of me. Now, I’ve just booked a flight to Australia and I’ll be living there for a year… no questions asked. Just take the leap of faith and sort out the details later on. Nobodies going to remember you go all the hours you worked at your 9-5 job, they’re going to remember you for the exciting risks you took in life.

Tips For Freedom:

Firstly I’d say stress less. There is no point in stressing out and sweating the small stuff. Yes, we live in a world where we’re restricted by money. No matter how free you might want to be or how free you might feel, you’re going to need money to survive at the end of the day. However, that doesn’t mean you have to work yourself to the bone to get the smallest bit of money. Work enough, to get enough money to survive, to then be able to go out and live the life you love. Don’t let money suffocate you.

Say yes to more. Become a yes person. The more no’s you say, the less opportunities you’re going to get. Say yes to one thing and you’ll find it opens you up to a whole load more.

I would have to agree on everything you spoke about Harrison! Insane! That brings a sad end to our 6 weeks of working together. It’s been a pleasure, thank you Harry! We absolutely loved having you and hearing first hand, your take on a range of topics.


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