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Week 5 Collaboration With ByHarrison

Week 5 Collaboration With ByHarrison

Part 1: Saving The World – Our Planet

Week 5 with Harrison and I am so excited to dive into this one:

1. What’s Your Take On Global Warming And What Do You Think The Biggest Issue Is?

My take on global warming? Well to put it bluntly, It’s the biggest threat to this planet. The biggest issue is by far, us. We have the power and the resources to do so much better, to make a change and to really make a different yet we seem to be going at a glacial pace when it comes to saving this planet. Stop using plastics? People kick up a fuss. Reduce carbon footprint? Nah, that’s too much effort. It seems every effort we make to save this planet, is stalled by the laziness of the human race. We really need to do something quick otherwise the next generation won’t have a planet.

I was watching a documentary that said the ocean absorbs 93% of the worlds humidity and without a healthy ocean, the outside temperature will reach 104 degrees and become inhabitable. These are stats that we’re ignoring, that people don’t seem to care about, yet they’re so worrying to think about. Plastics in the ocean are killing it, which means they’re killing the planet itself. I truely believe it’s more than just plastic that’s killing the planet, but it sure is a big contribution.

2. How are you doing your bit to save our planet?

I think it’s all about being more conscious. If everyone did something different, each day, to contribute to the survival of the planet. In time we’d all be making a difference. I’ve been reducing the single use plastic I’ve been using. I have a water bottle I carry with me everywhere, to save me having to buy plastic bottles all the time. I’ve recently done some work with @BambuuBrush, a company some friends of mine started where they make toothbrushes out of bamboo, in the effort to reduce the amount of plastic being used to create toothbrushes.

I’ve also gone vegetarian. The meat trade also has huge effects on the planet. The cattle trade causing too much methane gas, the distribution of it, the slaughtering of animals… it all takes a toll on the planet so not only am I looking out for my own health by going vegetarian, it’s also a contribution to saving the planet. Me, on my own, isn’t going to save it but like I said, If everyone makes a small effort to change, we could all make a huge difference.

3. Do You Think We’re At The Point Of No Return And What Do You Think Future Of Our Planet Looks Like?

I think we have a long way to go but I wouldn’t say we’re at the point of no return. This planet is a great thing and I think in time, it can bounce back. If we make the changes that are needed, then in time the planet will fix itself.

The future of the planet is bright. Can you imagine, if we make the changes that are needed and this planet can replenish, can you imagine what kind of a place it would be. Greener, cleaner and a much healthier place. Species would thrive, the atmosphere would be more hospitable and our landscapes would be more lush. IF and it’s a big if… but if we change the way we’re going then this planet could be thrive again.

  Some epic points made here. Definitely made me think differently about what I can be doing to do my part in “saving the world.”

Thank you Harry! Same time, same place, see you again for our FINAL week of our collaboration.


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