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Week 4 Collaboration With ByHarrison

Week 4 Collaboration With ByHarrison


Wow! It is week four already! These past 4 weeks have been such an adventure! I have absolutely loved learning more and more about Harrison. 

Where did your love begin?

It’s funny, when I was younger I never actually had an interest in photography. It wasn’t until I went to college that I discovered it. Basically I went onto college to study Film & Media. Alongside this, I decided to take up studying English at the specific campus I was attending. They then decided to pull English studies from that particular campus, which meant I needed to take up a different subject. The 2 options I had were film or photography. As I was already covering film in media, I decided to take on Photography. For me, this was such a stab in the dark, I didn’t know if I was going to enjoy it, I didn’t even own a camera at this point. 

A few months into the curriculum, I was absolutely loving it. The creative freedom they gave us, the interpretation of photography and how we really could make it our own. Learning about the the camera and being able to actually create something was super cool to me. So it really was thanks to my college pulling English studies from the particular campus I was attending, that I found my love of photography. And without finding my love of photography, I never would’ve started my blog. This is a definite example of how everything happens for a reason. Looking back, I’m super grateful for the way things worked out.

What equipment do you use?

The most basic of all time, trust me.

I take a lot of my photo’s on my iPhone. I have the iPhone 7plus and so far, It’s done me really well. Phone’s these days are a great competitor to the average camera.

I then have a Canon 1200DSLR. I bought this camera for around £200, 6 years ago. I have three lenses for this. The kit lens that came with the camera which is a 18-55mm. I have a Canon Ultrasonic Lens which is 75-300mm and I also have my most used lens which is the Macro Fixed 24mm lens, also known as the pancake lens. For me, this lens is so stunningly crisp, I use it for everything.

For filming, I have a Sony A5100 and a GoPro Hero Session.

When it comes to Tripods I have to Mini Tripods… the Joby Gorilla Pod & the Manfrotto mini tripod.

Tips for beginners?

Firstly I’d say use what you have. Don’t go out and spend thousands on new camera gear as it really isn’t cheap. Start with the basics, learn that inside out and then work your way up. It’s hard to learn truly how a camera works, so you really want to know how to use it before dropping thousands on something you can’t use.

I’d also say do it for the love. Don’t start thinking you’re going to make a whole bunch of money. You need to truely love it, to want to do better and to want to further your skills. Stick to it, stay dedicated and it really does require a lot of work.

For anyone who’s thinking of updating any gear, I’d say it’s all in the lens. It’s the lens that improves the pictures, not necessarily the camera.

Favourite things to photograph?

I really love photographing landscapes. Any landscape really. There’s something so beautiful about nature, it lends itself to such epic pictures. Forest’s and leaves is something more particular that I love to take pictures of. I’ve grown up in and around forests my whole life, so I guess it’s something I’ve always had a true love for.

Editing: Good or Bad Thing?

I’m personally a huge lover of photo editing. I think the editing process is also part of the art. Sometimes there are things the camera’s can’t pick up, the lighting might be off, the atmosphere might not be what you were really going for. Maybe you’re shooting a sunset and the camera hasn’t truely picked up how orange it really was. I think editing can truly enhance your pictures and make them look so much better. I would never photoshop anything into a picture. I would never change a picture to make it look so different, it looks nothing like the original. As long as editing is used in a way to subtly enhance the image, I think it’s absolutely fine.

When it comes to editing people, I think that’s a whole different board game. I think the editing and photoshopping of people’s bodies in media, has created a wave of insecurity and people striving to lives that just don’t exist. When you photoshop someones face or body in a way that is just naturally unachievable, it gives people sometime impossible to work towards. This is where photo editing can be harmful and damaging. So I think it’s very situational. Editing the colouring of a landscape or even portrait shot, is absolutely fine. Photoshopping someones body to make it smaller or more toned, not so much. So yeah, it’s all situational.

I love your view on these different questions Harrison! See you next week! Same place, same time.


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