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Week 2 Collaboration With ByHarrison

Week 2 Collaboration With ByHarrison


Here we are, on week two chatting again with ByHarrison about travel. I am so keen to have this interview, so let’s dive in:

Why do you love travel so much?

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved travelling. When I was a child, we’d go on a family holiday once a year to somewhere like Spain for a week. I always remember on the plane home feeling like I was going to cry. That feeling of not wanting to return home, not wanting the adventure to end was almost too much to handle. It’s been in my blood from a young age.

As I’ve gotten older, the urge to travel has just gotten stronger and stronger. But not I see it differently. We only live once, we have one life to do everything we’ve ever wanted to do. I’m from the UK which is a tiny, tiny island in comparison to the rest of the world. Why would I spend my entire life stuck there? There is so much of this world I want to see, so much ground that I’m yet to walk on and so much culture I’m yet to experience. Every country you go to is so vastly different from the last, the people you meet, the experiences you have and the lessons you learn… they’re just a few of the reasons I love to travel.

Where did the passion start?

As I mentioned, it all really started when I was a child. We were fortunate enough to be able to travel as a family and even when my parents split, we were still lucky enough to have a holiday each year. So that’s really where the passion came from. That excitement of getting up early, making your way to the airport knowing a whole new adventure is just around the corner. Then as I got older, the passion doubled really when I started watching Youtube videos. I know that sounds kind of lame and very ‘21st century’ of me, but it’s true. Watching vloggers like FunForLouis and MrBenBrown and seeing all the crazy places they’re going and the things they’re seeing, is what spurred me on even more, to travel the world. In my opinion, travel is the best passion to have.

What’s the best place you’ve ever been too?

Wow, where do I even start? There are so many for so many different reasons… So I’m going to annoying and list my top 3 and a little explanation on each.

South Africa – For me, SA has to be at the top of the list. It’s the place I have the biggest affinity with. I remember stepping foot off that plane and feeling like “Wow, I’ve arrived”. I spent so many years wanting to go there, so many hours just endlessing watching vlog’s of people in Cape Town and just imagining everything I’d do when I go. So to finally have the opportunity to go, really was life changing for me. From the people, to the scenery and everything in between… Cape Town, South Africa really is a magical place.

Bali – For a few reasons, Bali is up there with my favourite places. Firstly because it’s like nowhere I’ve ever been before. A country with so little wealth but such vast beauty. From the rice terraces, to the insane waterfalls, there really is nowhere else like Bali. The people are some of the nicest you’ll ever meet. They don’t want for much, they don’t have great wealth yet they will go to such extreme lengths to help you out.

My specific trip to Bali was where I met you (obvs) and a bunch of other incredible creatives. We were all lucky enough to be invited along to a Digital Creators Workshop, to work with some amazing hotels and villas, creating content from them and working alongside each other to better ourselves and our futures. It was the biggest thing I’d ever done and something I’ll cherish forever. Bali really changed my life.

New Zealand – And last but no means least, New Zealand. The country that’s always had a place in my heart. From visiting here for the first time at just aged 7, to moving here 17 years later. New Zealand has been the best thing I’ve ever done, it’s been the bravest move I’ve ever made and quite literally, the biggest part of my life. Home to some of the happiest people ever, New Zealand has got so much to offer and is such a unique wonder of the world. If you’re ever lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit New Zealand… Take it! It’s a great place!

Tell us a few of the places that still remain on your bucket list?

So many! Again, I’m going to bullet point the top 3 left on my bucket list…

Australia – Being that it’s literally a 4 hour flight from where I am, I’d be stupid not to have it on my list. Also, I’ve always been interested to see the difference between NZ and AUS. I have a so many friends dotted around AUS, so It’ll be great to see them again. But to also experience cities like Sydney and Melbourne, to hit the Gold Coast and just see what life down under is really like.

Canada – Canada right now is calling my name. It’s always been one of those places, that in my head has seemed so untouchable. It seems so far away from everything and once you’re there, everything seems to scattered. Toronto, Vancouver, Banff… ugh just go on Instagram and search for Canada and you’ll see exactly why I want to go there!

Cuba – I’ve always been so interested in Cuba. Everything seems to untouched and due to the politics, trading was frozen meaning no modern transport was shipped over until recently. So the fact they still have those super vintage cars and everything is so bright and colourful. I really don’t know a lot about it, I’ve just seen so many incredible pictures and would love to explore… it’s a creators heaven!

So now you’ve travelled a lot, what are your top travel tips?

First and foremost, be safe. Don’t put yourself in a situation you can’t get out of. If you’re drinking, make sure you have a safe way home, if you’re with people you don’t really know, just assess the situation and don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you’re travelling solo, you just have yourself to rely on.

When it comes to packing, lay out everything you think you’re going to need. Half it. Then half it again. You really don’t need to take 400 pairs of socks and 75 t-shirts. You’re never too far away from a laundrette. Pack light and pack smart.

Say yes! Open your mind and do everything. You might not have the opportunity to travel forever, so whilst you’re on the road, you might as well see everything you can. Say yes to new opportunities. If you get invited somewhere for the day, say yes… you never know where the next adventure is going to lead. Go into every situation with an open mind and experience everything to the fullest.

Wow! What an incredible perspective! Some great tips in there! Same time, same day, see you in a weeks time!


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