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Top 10 Camping Essentials

Top 10 Camping Essentials

No matter what adventure you are planning to go on or just dreaming about going on, this is the Top 10 Camping Essentials for you! It is in no particular order and in my eyes just the basics you need.

#1: FOOD & WATER… And lots of it!

First of all, food is obviously an essential but make sure you pack enough of it! The last thing you want is to be in the middle of nowhere and there isn’t anywhere you can buy food from within 100km+. Pack your food and drinks into an esky with some ice to keep them cool. You can grab a small, reasonably priced esky HERE.


I personally love these little gas cookers. They are nice and small, so practical and work a treat! Heats up super fast and uses small refillable cans that you can buy HERE for roughly $11.

For how cheap the actual cooker is and then the small price you pay for the refillable gas cans, you’d be silly not to pack one!! Don’t forget your utensils!

This includes your kettle, frying pan, cups etc! Pack only what you need.


When it comes to what to sleep on, the most popular choice is the good old swag. I have a simple swag similar to THIS.

Some people prefer to use tents as well but in my opinion; being under the stars beats that any day. I also use a stretcher, which is super easy to fold out and then you’re off of the ground but still outdoors.


It is so important to pack a First Aid Kit on your journeys because you never know what could happen. Ideally, you should really have them in your car 24/7 – Even if it’s not you that uses it! Click HERE to get yours today!


I always take a back pack with me on my travels and if I’m backpacking I’ll take an extra bag inside my bigger bag so that when I go off somewhere for the day I don’t have to be lugging my massive bag around with everything in it. This way you can pack the essentials for that day, make it light and head straight off. I like THIS backpack as it’s got all your chargers inside of it to charge on the go (great for exploring the unknown and still having a fully charged phone!)

It has space for your laptop, a seperate, easily – accessible water bottle holder on the outside and plenty of space for other things you want to pack. It is even waterproof!


I always take my own re-usable water bottle with me everywhere I go – Especially if you’re travelling to a third world country where the tap water isn’t drinkable. You’ll save money wherever you go because you won’t be buying water bottles every time you need them!

An even better reason to pack your own and have the same one all the time is as long as it’s empty you can take them on your flights! Planes do prefer them to be metal water bottles so keep that in mind! Security will ask you to bin your plastic bottles! Don’t stress about not having water because you can refill once you’re on the plane!

These bottles HERE are great! They don’t leak, they’ll fit in your second backpack, they are stainless steel and better yet, they’re BPA free.


If you’re wanting to have a fire, first check to see if it is not fire ban season and if it isn’t, don’t forget a lighter or some matches to light the fire. You can buy packs of lighters HERE or packs of matches HERE.


No matter where I’m going camping I always have a toiletry bag already packed and ready to just chuck in my car. It should include things like toothbrush & toothpaste, soap, sunscreen, deodorant, toilet paper etc. I am a very minimalist person so I like to bring as little as I possible can and only what I actually need but you should also pack things like your hair brush, moisturiser etc.

Click HERE to get the bag in the image below.


Personally I like to go for the more expensive lights because I find they last a lot longer. I use the Coleman brand and it is similar to THIS.

The lantern-type ones are great as they are more practical for your campsite and aren’t shining in just one direction like torches do.

If you get one with batteries, make sure to pack extra!


Finally, the last thing you want is to be eaten alive by mosquitos; it will ruin your camping experience and probably your whole trip! Pack some of THIS to prevent that and have a great time.

If you’ve already been attacked by the little critters, grab some of THIS.

And there you have it – The Top 10 Camping Essentials. I hope this guide was helpful and if you have any comments or questions, leave them below!



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