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These 3 things happened when I deleted my Netflix account

These 3 things happened when I deleted my Netflix account

Hey hey!

Yes, I deleted my Netflix account… You may be thinking I’m crazy for doing so… But hear me out.

I didn’t just sit there on a nice sunny day and think “hey I’m going to delete my Netflix account just for the lols.” No. I actually had forgotten to pay the monthly fee and honestly I just found life much better without it, here’s why;

1. I appreciated the outside world more.

This may sound silly to most people but this is actually true. When you come home from work it seems like it’s just a habit to sit down and watch Netflix or TV for that matter. You turn the TV on when you eat dinner (most of us), you switch the TV on when you’re bored, and you switch on the TV again when your friends suggest you watch something.

All of this went away when I no longer had a Netflix addiction to fall back on (lol). I would use my time more wisely because 1. TV is actually so boring and 2. The things you find when you actually go out and explore, are great. I found myself forcing myself to find new things to do. I would be outside more, exploring, taking photos, spending more time with my dog and friends.

2. I had so much more energy.

Now is the time you really think I’m crazy! But for real, without sitting down for hours on end being carried away binging TV shows and movies because I “had nothing better to do” really set me apart from the crowd and forced me to find new things to do. You’re probably thinking why didn’t you just pay your account, it’s so cheap! And you’re absolutely right! But by this stage I had zero interest in doing that now. I felt more refreshed from not being cooped up inside for hours on end.

I would workout to start my day and my dog would tag along. I found while exercising as much as I was that the results were starting to really show; I don’t mean physically either, I mean mentally I was stronger. I went from doing roughly 5kms a day to a solid 12kms+ now and the best thing is, it’s now consistent. If I do less than 12kms as a minimum I feel so bad within myself.

Not having Netflix to distract me when I got home, I would do things around my home and yard that I found I didn’t have the energy or the “time” to do before. I was spending a lot of time with my dog before this already, but now we were spending 95% of our time together. I put more effort into her training and she now came with me everywhere I went. Overall my energy levels increased massively and they did a full 360 degree turn!

3. I was asleep by 9:30pm – At the latest!

This is probably one of the best out of all of the positive things that happened after deleting Netflix. I would come home from my 2nd or 3rd workout for the day, jump in the shower, read for a bit and head to bed. For those of you that do read, you would know that doing so especially for bed has huge benefits for yourself.

I woke up so refreshed and ready to smash out the day. I would give every day 110% and it showed. It showed throughout me running my business and it showed when I was exercising and just simply doing the every day “chores.” I had so much more time in the day because I was now up and ready to take on the day by 5:30am. I would wake up naturally and in the worst case on the 1st or 2nd alarm. For me this was a miracle! Anyone who knows me knows I spent 90% of my life up until 3-4am creating and putting all my ideas and dreams into practice. I was a terrible sleeper. I usually had about 15 alarms on too (not even a joke). I would wake up late, and honestly I just felt terrible 85% of the time.

I was majorly fatigued, wasn’t eating correctly and overall just felt low. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend a few nights up late but it’s only if I need to be working and getting clients their portfolios done and things like that. If the choice is mine; I choose to be in bed as early as I can!

I urge you to do the same! It might be tough for other people whereas I chose to do it willingly but you don’t realise how much technology consumes our lives. It takes over… Go spend quality time with your loved ones. Your body will thank you for it.


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